Be a hero

You could make a world of difference

You may have passed them in the streets without noticing. Yes, they may look ordinary, but they have done some pretty extraordinary things.

They are the Youngcare heroes, and they are changing lives. Real heroes don’t fly about in a cape fighting bad guys – they are people who see someone in need of help and choose to do something about it.

Youngcare heroes are fundamental to our work. There are courageous adventurers who have walked the Great Wall of China, cycled across South-East Asia, trekked to the ruins of Machu Picchu or across the Simpson Desert.

Then there are the brave souls who have bared almost all to run through the streets of Brisbane and Sydney in the Youngcare Budgie Bolt. Some organise beneficiary events or hit the pavement as Red Racers. Others work quietly to create change through a monthly donation or deductions from their salary.

No matter how they do it, they’re all heroes.

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