Bronwyn’s Story

“With Youngcare I have choice and importantly my dignity too.”

It was Christmas 2006 when during a visit to hospital Bronwyn’s life dramatically changed in just 15 minutes.

Even after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998, Bronwyn led a full life; living in a four-bedroom home where she enjoyed painting, craft, and cooking for her friends and family. But in 2006 Bronwyn’s doctor advised that her condition had become so dangerous she wouldn’t be able to live at home anymore. Instead she needed 24-hour emergency care.

The accommodation suggested for Bronwyn was a dementia unit in an aged care facility, to cater for her increasing care needs. Bronwyn was only 44 years old.

“One day I was not too sick at all, to the next day being told that I couldn’t go home, in that 15 minutes my whole life had changed… I had a full life which went to a zero life.”

Bronwyn was given the opportunity to live in her own apartment at the Youngcare Wesley Mission Queensland Apartments at Sinnamon Park where she now enjoys a busy life surrounded by her cherished possessions, and can continue her passion for cooking, writing, gardening and painting.

“I was saved from a dementia ward, saved from one tiny room and being made to feel like I was less than nothing. With Youngcare I have choice and importantly my dignity too.”