Chris’ story

"Ending up back in aged care is NOT an option for me"

Chris had quite the social life. As a musician from Victoria he was always surrounded by friends, and loved having the freedom to be able to do what he is really passionate about – playing the Bass Guitar.

You go through life thinking that everything is going to be ok. When you are out living your life in your 20’s, you don’t expect that something like MS is going to come along, something that changes your whole life. It made me unsure of everything, my life, the assistance I needed and government services.

I was officially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 35, just five years after my wife was also diagnosed with MS.

At the age of 42, my life came to a complete standstill when I deteriorated and was forced into aged care without a say.

I had no say in my own life what-so-ever. It was the biggest emotional rollercoaster that I have ever been on, and aside from being diagnosed with MS it was the most terrible thing that I have ever experienced, felt or witnessed. You do question your own existence and don’t want to become a burden. And without my wife, the love of my life, I would not be have made it through this very bad experience and be here today to tell my story.

At Home Care GrantsYoungcare At Home Care Grants allow young Aussies to stay at home with their families.Read more

But the hardest part of all was the loneliness. As a musician, I have always been a very social person, but in aged care I had very few visitors. I felt completely isolated. I was really struggling to remind myself who I am.

I am so thankful that with the support of multiple government and non-government organisations, we were both able to move back into our own home.

Living at home I receive five hours of care per day shared with my wife, it’s well short of what we need on a daily basis, but it feels like so much more than we received at the aged care facility.Being in our own home is fantastic, but I was living with the constant worry that without home modifications we would be back in aged care because our house did not have the equipment or space we needed to continue to live independently.

So, the Youngcare At Home Care Grant really came at the perfect time.

Now thanks to Youngcare I can stay at home amongst the things and the people I love. It makes it so much easier to wake up each morning.

I like that I am waking up in my own home. I can do the things I want, when I want, like listening to my favourite music and watching movies.

Ending up back in aged care is NOT an option for me.

Youngcare has enabled me to start fitting out my home for wheelchair and ambulance use. With the grant we are going to be able to knock down some walls and add some outside decking, so that my home will remain more accessible in the long run.

Everyone deserves freedom, even if it means just getting some fresh air outside in your own garden. The Youngcare At Home Care Grant has given me back some of that freedom.


An image of Chris when he was playing in bands around Melbourne.