Emily’s story

"With Youngcare’s support I have gained a lot of independence"

As a teenager living with cerebral palsy, Emily could not be left alone for more than a few minutes because there was no way for her to leave the house in an emergency.

In 2011, she received an At Home Care Grant from Youngcare to install an automatic front door and buy a manual wheelchair. It has had a profound impact, making life at home easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

“The new door means that I now feel safe enough to stay in the house alone. As well as giving me the opportunity for my own space, which every young person needs, it allows mum and dad to work longer hours because they don’t need to be home with me all the time. The manual wheelchair has been awesome too.”

At Home Care GrantsYoungcare At Home Care Grants provide up to $10,000 to young Aussies at risk of entering aged care.Find out more

Now in her 20s, Emily is studying at university and hopes one day to work with work with people with a disability.

“With Youngcare’s support, I have gained a lot of independence. This has inspired me to think about long-term goals. I would like to travel – maybe even overseas!”

“Another dream of mine is to live independently, which I thought was very unlikely. But Youngcare will begin building apartments in Sydney that are equipped to support young people like me. It’s exciting to think that with your generous support, my dreams may one day become a reality.”