Mary’s story

"The grant has made an amazing difference to all our lives"

Mary was 39 and working for Queensland Health in Brisbane when one day she had a ‘strange feeling’ and collapsed to the ground.

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She had suffered a severe aneurysm. After months in intensive care and rehabilitation, Mary moved back home with her elderly parents.

Through determination, she managed to improve her speech and movement. However she battled to maintain her independence and, like thousands of families, her parents faced a constant struggle to provide for her care needs.

Did you know?Youngcare At Home Care Grants assist young people with high care needs who are living at home and are at risk of entering aged care facilities.How to Apply

Youngcare’s At Home Care Grants program has enabled the family to make major modifications to their home, which have allowed Mary to live more independently.

The grant also provided funding for rehabilitation, physiotherapy and speech therapy. Mary’s speech has greatly improved, increasing her ability to communicate and connect with family and friends. As a result, she has become more engaged in the community and less isolated.

“The modifications funded by the grant have helped Mary gain more

independence and rely less on others’ support,” says Mary’s mum Moira.

“This has made an amazing difference to all our lives.”