Tim’s story

Tim now has the freedom to live life as he chooses

Tim was just 23 and in his last year at university when he suffered a severe brain injury and was left unable to walk, talk or communicate in any way.

During his initial recovery, he lived with his parents but like most young people, he craved independence and freedom. However, Tim and his family were shocked to find that the only accommodation available was aged care.

After the family contacted Youngcare, Tim became one of the first residents at the Youngcare’s apartments at Sinnamon Park, Brisbane. Having his own apartment has changed his life. His rehabilitation has been remarkable due to the specialised care provided and the support of his family.

Sinnamon ParkThe Youngcare Wesley Mission Queensland Apartments at Sinnamon Park are called home by 17 young Aussies who are now able to live with choice, independence and dignity.Read more about Sinnamon Park

Where once loneliness had been one of Tim’s biggest problems, he is now surrounded by other young people. Friends and family can visit whenever they please and Tim can listen to his own music and eat his own food – things that other people take for granted. It’s the kind of life every young person deserves, regardless of their care needs.

“If it wasn’t for the apartments, Tim would not have his own place, with dignified care, and the freedom to live his life as he chooses,” says Tim’s mum Jenny.