Auburn update

2 August 2017

Youngcare explores options as NSW project ends

Youngcare’s partnership with St. Vincent’s Australia to deliver high care housing accommodation in Auburn, New South Wales, has recently ended.

Youngcare CEO Anthony Ryan said the impact the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is having on the disability sector ultimately led to the need for a new solution for the Auburn Community. This opportunity has enabled Youngcare to pursue a strategy where we are working with investors to partner with us to ensure real choice and control for people with high care needs over where they live, who they live with and how they live their lives.

“Organisations operating in this space are actively assessing the value they can offer the people they support,” he said.

“While we are disappointed to no longer be involved in the Auburn project, it will not slow us down nor deter us from helping young people with high care needs across the country.

“For Youngcare, the NDIS and SDA mean we can offer greater choice to the almost 460,000 young people with high care needs already living in, or at risk of living in, inappropriate and unsuitable housing accommodation.  This is a very exciting time in the disability sector.”

The Auburn project was jointly funded by Youngcare, St Vincent’s Australia and the New South Wales government.

“We truly value the relationships with partners, always seeking to create opportunities of shared value and we are in conversations with the relevant parties regarding the reallocation of resources.  We would like to thank St Vincent’s for the work conducted on the planning of this project and the decision to not proceed has been taken with mutual consideration that both organisations will be able to influence the outcomes of the disability housing sector independently over the coming years.” Mr Ryan said.

“Youngcare is committed to scaling up our operations in New South Wales as we fight to give greater choice to young people with high care needs.

“We are working with industry, government and the community to build more dynamic, modern living spaces that enable young people to live independent lives, with appropriate and dignified care.”

As of April 2017, the Auburn project was still in planning stages with construction yet to commence.