Volunteer Spotlight – Meg, Sarah & Courtney

15 February 2017

Volunteer Spotlight – Meg, Sarah & Courtney 

Volunteering can be a fun family affair! In the lead-up to Christmas, mother- daughter team, Meg, Sarah and Courtney worked together at the Brookside Shopping Centre to gift-wrap and collect shoppers’ donations for Youngcare.

“Being a volunteer gift-wrapper was a lovely, easy way to help fundraise for a well-deserved cause during the Christmas season,” said Meg.

“It was an added bonus to be able to do it together with family, and the great response from shoppers on the day made it a really fun, rewarding experience.”

The girls all enjoyed putting their gift-wrapping expertise to the test while raising critical funds and awareness for young people with high care needs.

“There is always such a supportive community spirit at Youngcare volunteering events, both from the volunteers themselves and from donors. Christmas wrapping at Brookside was no exception, and I’d happily help out again this year,” said Sarah.

Brookside wrapping

Pictured: Sarah, Meg and Courtney looking like true professionals at the Youngcare gift-wrapping station!