Volunteer Spotlight – Samantha

12 April 2017

Volunteer Spotlight – Samantha 

Samantha and her friends at Brother's Ladies Day

Sam has been one of our star volunteers attending six events for Youngcare before relocating.  Thanks Sam for all your support!

“One of my best friends first convinced me to become a volunteer for Youngcare – she had already been a Youngcare vollie for a year. At the first event we ever did together I realised how much value I can add with just my time. 

From here I ended up volunteering about once a month for Youngcare. Every event was different which meant it was always a new adventure!

The most memorable event for me was by far The Triffid Desert Sessions. I got to spend time doing things I would normally do with my friends with the young people that Youngcare support – listening to music and dancing.

Youngcare has been an amazing organisation to be a volunteer for. Basically, I get to hang out with my friends and make new friends, all whilst helping the broader community.”


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