Policy work

Working with decision makers to create change

Youngcare works with governments at all levels to press for policy change and help address the gaps in the system. We also liaise with a wide range of other decision makers to raise awareness of the problems facing young people with high care needs.

Government relations
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will be the biggest change to the healthcare system in a century. However it still does not address the lack of funding for age-appropriate care and housing. As the Australia-wide trials progress, Youngcare is taking every opportunity to keep these issues firmly on the agenda.

Meanwhile we are actively pressing for change in other areas. For example we supplied data to the Queensland Competition Authority to demonstrate that the market for medical aids and equipment is overpriced and that reform is critical. We also produced a report to the Australian Law Reform Commission on the experience of people with disabilities before the law in Australia.

Industry and stakeholders partnerships

Youngcare maintains networks of stakeholders in non-government organisations (NGOs) and in industry sectors including health, housing and disability. These partnerships and networks underpin our work to raise awareness of young people with high care needs, and to make as great an impact as possible in identifying and building real solutions and choice.



Youngcare is a part of the Neurocare Network:


The NeuroCare Network is a network of not-for-profit organisations representing at least 35,000 adults and children living with progressive neurological and neuromuscular diseases in Queensland. The network meets informally to find ways of working more effectively and efficiently together to better serve these people across Queensland. We discuss common developments influencing our individual organisation’s including funding, policy, legislation, service delivery, care models and national developments including the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Spark Neurocare Network logo

Spark NeuroCare has been established by seven members of the NeuroCare Network as an innovative not for profit care service for people living with a progressive neurological disease. Spark NeuroCare commenced operating on 1 July 2016 in Townsville. When fully established across Queensland, Spark NeuroCare will address the significant unmet need for coordinated care for people with progressive neurological diseases. In 2014, our significant effort and progress in working together was recognised by Westpac Community Leaders Awards 2014 “Partnerships for Purpose” category.

Organisations represented by the NeuroCare Network currently include: Alzheimer’s Australia (QLD), Epilepsy QueenslandFriedreich’s Ataxia Network (F.A.N.)Huntingtons Queensland, Leukodystrophy Resource and Research Organisation Inc.MND Association QueenslandMND and Me FoundationMS QueenslandMuscular Dystrophy QueenslandParkinson’s Queensland and Youngcare.

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