John's story

“John has always amazed us with his academic and creative ability, so with intense rehabilitation and the support of Youngcare he will now be able to find a purpose in life and have freedom to explore many possibilities.”

John is one of the eight residents who calls the Youngcare and MS Queensland Apartments at Albany Creek ‘home’.

John was a principal lawyer for the Attorney Generals Department. He led a very successful career, most recently heading the Tobacco Litigation Taskforce, coordinating Australia’s deffence against Phillip Morris when they sued the Australian Government over the plain packaging of tobacco products.

Aged 49, John was fit and healthy, didn’t smoke, had a normal weight, perfect blood pressure and cholesterol levels, was vegetarian and went to the gym every morning.

Needless to say, it was a shock to his whole family when they received the heartbreaking news that John had suffered a stroke.


Albany Creek open day - John and his family

After long stints in ICU and four and a half months in hospital in Canberra, John was transported to Brisbane to be closer to his mum, Carmel who was by his side along the entire journey.

Back in Brisbane, Maree and Carmel were desperate to find a long term solution for John. When Maree called the Youngcare Connect Support Line – proudly supported by the Flight Centre Foundation – the team worked to see what options might be available for John, as at this point, a life in aged care was becoming a reality. But Maree held out hope.

When Maree and Carmel heard the wonderful news that John has been accepted into the Youngcare and MS Queensland apartments at Albany Creek, they were over the moon. Once moved in, John will have his own space where he can have his personal treasures around and most of all, privacy, after a total of eight months living in hospital wards.

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