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Knowledge Partnership

Over the past six years Youngcare has partnered with Griffith University to develop world-first research into the needs and aspirations of young people with high care needs.

With the introduction of the NDIS, every young person with high care needs will be able to choose their own care packages and the Griffith/Youngcare model will set the standard of premium care in Australia and will become the most sought after care in the sector.

The Griffith/Youngcare Design Philosophy is continually informed by ongoing research via our strong relationship with the disability sector.

The Knowledge Partnership also means that Youngcare is able to provide the health, disability and housing sectors with practical tools and information to make a difference. Youngcare can advise on:

  • New models of support and housing in the community
  • Young people’s preferences for housing
  • Tools for evaluating quality care provision
  • Understanding self-direction and its impact on young people
  • Developing evidence-based design specifications for housing that are consumer driven

Youngcare is working in partnership with Griffith University and Recover Injury Research Centre to deliver the world’s first research regarding young people with high care needs.

Recover Injury Research Centre is a joint initiative of the Motor Accident Insurance Commission, Griffith University and The University of Queensland. Recover produces breakthrough research which leads to better outcomes after injury, especially when caused by road traffic crashes.

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