Choose your own adventure

7 November 2016

Choose your own adventure

Do you have what it takes to tackle the Simpson Desert or the Great Wall of China?

Youngcare’s Simpson Desert Challenge 2016 won the Best Charity or Cause-Related Event at this year’s Australasian Event Awards! Why not experience this epic adventure for yourself next year!

In 2017 Youngcare will be offering adventure seekers the choice to partake in one of two challenges to raise funds for young Aussies with high care needs.

The Simpson Desert trek is the ultimate challenge for keen adventurers! You will be walking more than 250km across the rugged landscape of the desert, the isolated environment providing a striking reflection of the challenges that young people with high care needs face every day.

Fast Facts

Date: 25 May – 4 June 2017

Duration: 11 days (8 days of trekking)

Difficulty: extreme/high

Find out more about The Simpson Desert Challenge HERE

 The vast terrain of the Simpson Desert

Pictured:  The vast terrain of the Simpson Desert.

On the Great Wall of China trek you will be taken out of your comfort zone – just like young Aussies with high care needs. The ridges are narrow, the steps are extremely steep, but it will all be worth it to create real change for young Aussies in need!

Fast Facts

Dates: 7-17 September 2017

Duration: 10 days (5 days of trekking)

Difficulty: moderate

Check out details about The Great Wall of China Trek HERE

The steep, rolling hills of the Great Wall of China

Pictured: The Great Wall of China.

Contact Michelle Davie for more information on how to sign up – (07) 3041 3400 mdavie@youngcare.com.au

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