Brian's Story

Just over a year ago, Brian was facing an uncertain future, now he’s celebrating every part of his young life.

At 23 years of age, Brian was on his way home from serving with the Australian Navy in Iraq.

While stopping over in Goa, he suffered a brain injury as a result of a cigar being laced with a poisonous substance.

Unable to walk or talk, Brian required 24 hour care and his family was left with no choice but to place him in care where he stayed for 11 long and lonely years. Surrounded by elderly patients, this was no place for a young man.

“We knew this wasn’t the right place for Brian but there was no alternative. Youngcare is changing that. Brian was able to move into the Youngcare Share House which has taken a weight off the family’s shoulders, knowing he is being cared for, but is also living how he wants to in his own home. Without the generosity of the individuals who support Youngcare, Brian would not be living the young life he deserves,” Brian’s sister, Tash Sharp

Brian’s life changed beyond words when he received a Home Soon Grant from Youngcare, and was offered a room in the Youngcare Share House at Wooloowin.  He is now living the young life he deserves with choice and dignity, once again enjoying activities like going to music concerts and the footy and having a beer at the local with mates.

This year, Brian has his cheeky smile back and is celebrating so much more than Christmas. He is celebrating his beautiful new home. He is celebrating with his friends and family. He is celebrating his freedom and independence.

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